Through the production of my work my actions can be seen as expressive and entertaining. Tactility is very important to me as a designer, I am keen to invite viewers to participate through touch, movement to distort and influence my textiles. Through performance I often encourage people to partake in the construction of my larger knitted pieces, I am excited by the viewer’s connection. Through working in the community and teaching I am constantly in creative conversation and enjoy the interactivity and playful element this brings to the way that I approach my work.

Sustainability is of upmost importance to me therefore I am constantly thinking of inventive ways to re-use and rework existing materials. Creating an alternative function for found materials; be they wire, rubber or plastic bags, I rethink and reconstruct. I have a very physical connection to the way in which I work often creating energetic large and experimental pieces. I like to think of my process and movement naturally lending itself to performance this can be looked upon as theatrical. 

Each element of my work is either recorded or revealed through photography and film. My method and process is of equal importance to the end result. The process, however, is transient and therefore it is important for me to document. Film also enables me to communicate my mark making methods used to create my textile design. Through determination and exhausting my body in the process, my textile work has a narrative. The films present my body as the extension to my knitting needles, yarn, block print or wooden cable reel. My body controls the rubber or wire, which forms the print and knit systematically; mechanically producing a final unpredictable, organic work.